Saturday, July 17, 2010

15 Months Old!

Dear Doodle Bug,

Today you are 15 months old! You are becoming more awesome and more challenging everyday. 

This past month, you have really started to test your boundaries. You have been saying "uh oh" for a while now, but you finally learned to use it in context...except you purposefully cause the "uh oh's."  You'll push your cup off the table..uh oh! You throw your toys...uh oh!  You also started hitting. Where do babies get this??? It's not like you've ever seen people being hit. I tell you no, and you just laugh and laugh. What am I going to do with you! 

Even though you are pushing boundaries, you have become so much more cuddly and loving this past month. You love to hug my neck and give me kisses. It melts my heart more than anything when you come up to me and give me a hug or kiss that I didn't prompt. You will also actually sit in our laps for more than a half a second. You really love just sitting next to us on the couch. 

You are also quite the little comedian.  You do silly stuff all the time to try and make us laugh.  You love laughing at yourself as well.  You think you are soo funny, and you are.  You really just love to laugh. 

You have proven several times this month that you are MORE than capable of walking. You've walked across the living room a couple of times with no problem, not even a waver.  But, you still prefer crawling. I guess you'll walk when you are good and ready! I don't know where you get that stubborn streak (Papa)! 

We are going to the beach today to celebrate your Papa's 29th birthday...your first time! We are going to have a blast! I love you so much Sweet Baby!