Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Because

Coming at me like a spider monkey!

Now that she can crawl, the shoe basket is the first place she goes.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

9 Months Old!

Dear Kenley,

Today you are 9 freaking months old! I swear you turned like 6 months old 2 weeks ago, I must have blinked.

Showing off your chompers! You have 6 teeth! 2 on bottom and 4 on top.

It's been an exciting month. You had your first Christmas...several times. You had Christmas in Kentucky, Christmas in Oregon with Grandpa and Aunt Rachel, and Christmas with Mom and Dad. As was expected, you really liked the paper and the boxes, although you think all your toys are pretty cool now.

Having Christmas at Grandpa's house

It was exciting at Nanny and Poppy's house in Kentucky. I love this picture because it makes you look like an infant, not a little kid.

You've been threatening to crawl for nearly a month and half, and last night, you finally crawled! Your Papa and I were so excited! You're a pretty funny kid that way. You seem like you just decide OK I'll crawl now...like you've been holding out because you wanted to do it on your own time. I don't know where you get that stubborn streak!

You started swim lessons a week ago. You seem to really love the water. You get that from me :) We learned that they didn't plan on having you go under water, because apparently they don't like to upset the babies. So, I chatted with the instructor and had her teach me the "proper" way to get you underwater. I dunked you like 4 times. You could not have cared less! That's my little fish!

You've become quite the little chatterbox this month. You say babababa, mamama, dadada, nanana. I swear you said banana the other day. Probably just a ba and a nana smooshed together, but I thought it was funny. And of course it's because you are a genius baby!

I feel like you are going to musically inclined, like your Papa (though I did have a brief affair with a clarinet in the 5th grade!). You got a drum and a xylophone for Christmas and you love them. But the funniest is when I catch you drumming on the table like your Dad. Tonight when we were out for sushi, you were drumming on the table with chopsticks!

You've finally started to eat! For a while there, I thought you'd drink only milk for the rest of your life! You really love squash and pears. You're not so fond of carrots. You are coming around to green things! You had chicken for first time tonight. You seemed to like it, even though it was pureed beyond recognition!

Right after you were born, I was scared that I would be bad at being a stay at home Mom. I was afraid I would be lonely and bored and not teach you enough. I could not have been more wrong. There's never a dull moment with you kiddo...and I LOVE IT! Oh, and I love you too!!!!