Wednesday, March 17, 2010

11 Months Old!

Dear Crazy, Funny, Sweet, Beautiful Girl,

Today your are 11 months old. You are nearly a toddler. I just can't believe it.

This month we got to go to Atlanta to visit with your Nana, Uncle Jake, Nanny, Poppy, Aunt Micki, Uncle Waylon, and cousins Lucas and Trace. Even though you were battling the end of a cold, you were a trooper on the plane rides to and from Atlanta. You are a pretty laid back kid. You had such a great time playing with Bailey the dog and Macy the cat. You adore your family. You let your Aunt Micki cuddle with you for like a whole 15 minutes! You never do that for me! As much as I wished it was me cuddling with you, I am so happy to see you bond with your family.

Checking out the cocktail menu

This month you have started to learn so much. You are starting to use the signs that we've been working on for a couple of months. You sign for more and milk so far. It's really fun to see things start to connect in that amazing little brain of yours! You will sit for long periods of time and just look through your books. You especially like the touch and feel books. You feel them with your finger and then you lick them! I guess you're are using all your senses!

Working on her equations

You are pretty much done with baby food. You eat most anything we give you. This months favorites have been meatloaf, green beans (well, when Nana makes them with butter!), lasagna, and Lebanese food. My hope is that you will continue to be such an adventurous eater!

You continue to be one silly baby! Actually, I think you get sillier every day. You love to crawl around and growl and show your teeth (of which you have 8!). You dance anytime music plays. You try to mimic people singing. Everything is a drum to you. If you have a spoon in your hand, you drum. If you have a toy, you drum with it. I guess you are following in your Papa's footsteps!

Being your Mom is the best! You're the best! I love you kid!