Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lead Scare!

For those of you who don't live in Portland, most all of the houses in the city are old. Our last house was built in 1908 and our current house in 1927. And that's pretty standard for houses around here. Sooo, old house most always have lead paint in them, but it's OK as long as it isn't disturbed. So, I went to this baby consignment sale on Friday. There was a booth there where they were doing fee lead testing (of your blood). I thought why not. So I did. I did my shopping and came back for my results. A normal level is between 0 and 1. Mine was 17.5! And, lead passes to your baby if you're nursing, which I am. So, holy crap, that's really high. The tester says she's going to follow up with me and I need to go to my doctor. So, Phil and I are a little freaked out that we're living in the lead house. I swear I am feeling metal in my lungs every time I breath. Fast forward to Saturday. I drag Phil and Kenley to this Baby Festival at a park nearby. We are walking around and find the same lady doing lead testing. So, she tests Phil. He's like 0.6. OK, so I guess it's just me...well, she tested me again and it came back 0.1! Yeah! She guessed it was from something I was touching at the sale i.e. lead paint on toys or something...scary. Anyway, lead scare averted, but if you live in an old house, get your lead tested. And, if you live in PDX, there are grants to help clean up lead in your home if you test high or have children under 6. OK, my story is done. Now for some pictures, just for fun!