Friday, July 2, 2010

Kenley's First Trip to the Zoo!

For some reason, Phil's company decided to give it's employees today off instead of July 5, like the rest of the business world. So, we took advantage of the odd day off and took Kenley to the zoo for the first time! It was a stifling 61º in Portland today. Yes, it's July and it's still in the 60's (I'll be wishing for this day next week, when it's supposed to be 90º).

It was a little drizzly, so some of the animals were hiding away, but we saw the polar bears, zebra, giraffe, and lots of underwater creatures. The fish and turtles seemed to be K's favorites. I think it was because she could get right up to the glass.

K's Nana comes on Monday and we are hoping she'll want to go to the zoo with us on a nicer day. Maybe more animals will be out!